Fire Protection For Steel


FIRE PROTECTION Intumescent Paint

Intumescent paint is a fast method of providing up to 240 minutes fire protection to structural steel.

Water Based Intumescent Paint

The product that meets the required application will vary depending upon the length of fire protection needed and where the paint is to be applied. We can help you find the solution that meets your requirements.

Water-based coatings dry quickly to a smooth, hard finish and this compared to solvent based solutions can reduce application times by up to a half, thereby cutting installation costs. This also allows for speedier access for following trades.

Solvent Intumescent Paint

Whilst many solvent based intumescent paints are suitable for external and semi-exposed steelwork application they can also be used indoors. Paints with a thin film help to provide a quality finish whist also reducing drying times.

Quality control procedures accredited to ISO 9001 standard are implemented.

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