Airtight Membranes
















  • Gerband SD2 control Diffusion-supporting vapour barrier
  • Gerband 186 Paper Tape
  • Gerband 315 Expanding Foam tape
  • Gerband 386 Special Non-Woven Tape
  • Gerband 586 Uni-Tape
  • Gerband 605 Butyl Tape
  • Gerband 970 Double Sided
  • Winflex-E (Exterior) Window Reveal Tape
  • Winflex-I (Interior) Window Reveal Tape
  • WIN 88/12 Split Release – WIN48/12 Split Release
  • WIN 50/50 Split Release














Air Tightness Membranes; Gerband SD2
Gerband sd2 control enables the secure building of the roof and wall constructions.
Gerband sd2 control provides a good and secure drying out of the building immediately after construction and prevents condensation caused by building and residual moisture that facilitates mildew growth and constructional damages..